Welcome to the ColdSpring Quickstart Guide

What Is ColdSpring?
ColdSpring is a Dependency Injection (DI) or Inversion of Control (IoC) framework for ColdFusion applications.
What Is Dependency Injection?
"Dependency Injection (DI) in Computer programming refers to the process of supplying an external dependency to a software component." - Wikipedia

You've successfully installed ColdSpring and have made it to the Quickstart Guide! So far we have the following sections. Some of these may be sparsely populated but we will keep working on them as we continue development:

  • ColdSpring in 5 Minutes: Get up and running in no time, with an understanding of what ColdSpring's Dependency Injection capabilities.
  • Advanced Dependency Injection: Examples that show off some of the more advanced Dependency Injection capabilities of ColdSpring.
  • Aspect-Oriented Programming Examples: A description of what AOP is, and a look at how AOP can make many complex tasks easier.
  • Remote Proxies: Looks at how ColdSpring can automatically generate remote proxy components for web service, AJAX, and Flash Remoting requests.
  • Extensions: Shows off some of the available extensions to the core ColdSpring framework to help with specific use cases.
  • Resources: A set of links to ColdSpring sites, discussion groups, and blog entries.

Everything in this Quickstart is running real code as well. So feel free to have a look at the source code if the code examples don't show you everything you're interested in.